It doesn’t matter if you are a Psychic Medium, Healer or Tarot Reader, you need to be doing these three very important things before and after any spiritual contact. If you’re not dealing in communicating with Spirit, you still need to do these often aswell. Empaths pick up everyone else’s emotions so this will keep you from absorbing emotions that are not yours and it will balance you out. These need to become second nature to you because the first time you forget might just be the time something attaches to you.




Visualise an orb of white light above your crown chakra a few inches above your head. Feel this orb of white light get stronger with each breath you take. The orb of white light represents God’s pure love.  After a few deep breaths visualise this orb of light breaking into a cascading waterfall of white light that flows down through your crown chakra and flows through all the other chakras; the brow, the throat, the heart, solar plexus, sacral and root,  flowing down your legs, exiting through the soles of your feet as roots of white light.


Keep breathing this White Light down through your chakras.  Visualise this white light ridding any negative energy as it flows throughout your body.  When you are ready take another deep breath and this time visualise the waterfall of light begin to overflow from your crown chakra and sense it flowing down over your head and rainging down over your shoulders, down your chest and torso, your pelvis, thighs, calves and feet, ridding all negative energy, before soaking into the earth beneath your feet.  Know that your energy field has been cleansed.


Now visualise the roof of your home is opening as you notice the sky. Visualise a large orb of white light in the sky above the room.  Again let the orb of light rain down into the room filling every corner and every space, ridding any negative energy as it goes. Let the roof above your head close over. Know that your home is now cleansed.




Ask God, your Guides and Gaurdians to come and protect your soul. Visualise them coming from the Heaven’s with their pure white light and pure white love raining down again from your head all the way down to your feet. From your feet, visualise a bubble coming back up arround you and closing above your head. Ask that they allow no negative energies to touch you, protecting you from evil and harm. Only allowing energies of love and light to see you.  Only those who are for your highest good will be allowed to communicate. 




It is very important that you ground before and after any form of psychic work.  To do any type of reading or healing, we need to have a strong connection between Heaven and Earth. When we open up psychically we open our connections to the heavens and allow energies from the spiritual realm to penetrate through our Crown Chakra. If your connection is extremely strong it will make you  feel unbalanced. When working psychically, the energy that flows in through the crown chakra needs to be grounded in order for it to be effective.Visualise roots of white light sprout from your feet and attach deep down into the earth. Visualise these roots pulling your feet down into the earth.  Feel your feet attached to the ground. 



  •  Spaced out or Dizzy

  •  Headache

  •  Blurred vision

  •  Nausea

  •  Tiredness

  •  Sleep disturbances

  •  Feeling of vertigo

  •  Unable to Focus     


11 thoughts on “Psychic and Spiritual * Cleansing, Protecting, Grounding

  1. I have all the symptoms of not bein grounded. I have alot of negative entities visiting me that wont leave me alone. I see hear feel and smell them. Please send guidance! And protection!

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