What are the Psychic Senses and do you have them?  Being able to see, hear, feel Spirit my entire life, I have spent most of it thinking my brain was just overactive by not putting 2 and 2 together. When they say,  “knowledge is power” it’s exactly right. The simple fact that you are searching and seeking out information about this says a lot about you. Our Psychic Senses start with “Clair” which is French for “Clear” and are commonly referred to as the 6th Sense as well as ESP – Extrasensory Perception.

1.)  Clairvoyance – Seeing

Mental images which are seen with the Mind’s Eye or 3rd Eye without the use of the physical eye. So, what does that even mean? I’ve heard time and time and time again people try to explain this and how to use them to see Psychically BUT none of it ever made any sense or came close to my own clairvoyance so, I’ll give you the perfect example that will.  First, when they say “the physical eye” they are meaning the 2 on your face you use to see when you drive or use to see physical objects or the living person standing next to you. Now, while we CAN and do see Spirit with our physical eye,  most of the time it will be with your Mind’s Eye or 3rd Eye. The best way to describe this is to recall a memory of when you were younger or think of something in the future you’d like to do or create. You can actually SEE these images in your mind and this is the same place we see Clairvoyantly with the 3rd eye. Picture yourself walking down the beach, feeling the wind on your face and hearing the waves of the ocean…This is the same as seeing, hearing and feeling Psychically except this information is coming from you, not from Spirit.


2.)  Clairaudience – Hearing

To perceive sound using your inner-ear without the assistance of your physical ears. Again, not with the ears on each side of your head. Although we CAN and do hear Spirit with our physical ears like when you turn up the radio to hear your favorite song, most of the time it will be with the inner-ear. Meaning, in your head. The best example is when you read to yourself, not out loud. You can hear yourself reading in your head.  This one can be a bit tricky in the beginning stages of your Mediumship for the very simple reason that it usually sounds like your own thoughts. You can also hear your Aunt’s voice with the same accent she spoke with in her last life here you knew her to speak with making it easier for you to identify that it is infact her. So, how do you know the difference if it sounds like you? When you think to yourself “I need more coffee from the store” compared to “don’t forget to buy coffee” or “did I lock the door” compared to “don’t forget to lock the door”.  How you would talk to you vs how someone else would talk to you is the first steps to knowing the difference.


3.)  Clairsentience – Feeling

A large part of this is being an Empath and picking up on the feelings of others, even animals as if they were your own. When you meet someone for the first time you can usually pick up on whether or not they’re a good person or not so good. The same goes when you see a cat or dog for the first time. You can feel if it’s ok or not to pet them and if they are friendly or not. When alone, you can feel a sudden sadness or frustration and you have no reason what-so-ever to have these feelings in your own personal life as life is good for you. Many Empaths are misdiagnosed and given medicine for this when they are simply picking up on the feelings of another. Another facet of this is feeling like someone else is in the room with you even though you are alone. If you’re standing at the sink doing dishes and a living person walks up behind you quietly, you can feel it. The same goes for Spirit except for the fact they are out of body.


4.)  Claircognizance – Knowing

This sense is most commonly known as Telepathy. It’s an instant knowing. You don’t know how you know, you just know. An instant transfer of all information all at once. It is the universal language of all species both living and passed. We, as humans, have created our language and have created words to express ourselves but this takes so much longer than just knowing. I still catch myself at times speaking words out loud to Spirit or in my head and it takes 10x’s as long.  What about deja vu? Have you ever been somewhere or done something and have the instant knowing you’ve been there or done it before? How many times have you answered your phone by saying “I knew it was you”!


5.)  Clairalience – Smelling

This pretty much explains itself. When you smell a scent that can not be coming from your surroundings. If you are sitting in your house and smell pipe tobacco and no one in your house smokes is a sure sign of Spirit. I often smell my grandmother who has been passed for more than 15yrs now. I don’t always have to see her or hear her to know she’s here with me. A simple scent let’s me know. I sometimes get a strong sweet smell without having sprayed perfume or air fresheners and have come to know this as my Spirit Guide Lily. Angels and Archangels often give off a strong sweet scent. Unless you are a practicing Medium using your abilities for others, most of what you smell should resonate with you as someone you knew in this lifetime.


6.)  Clairgustance – Tasting

For me, this one happens the least. As in, maybe only a handful of times. The ability to taste something without actually eating it. This will usually remind you of someone you know or of a time with them unless you are a practicing Medium it could be for your client.


7.)  Clairtangency – Touching

This is most commonly known as Psychometry. This is to handle an object and receive information from it which could be in the form of any of the Psychic Senses. I have found myself forever wanting to keep something of my loved one’s who have passed on as holding it, whether it be an article of clothing, a ring or even turning on a lamp my grandma had in her house, I could always feel them and get visions from them.



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  1. Very clairvoyant in consciousness it’s almost like a second life all the six senses kick in I interact with my consciousness i’ll be sitting in a park in consciousness I’ll be walking around somebody’s house we’re going somewhere doing something searching as the viewer now I have this ability but how do I help someone finding the person they’re trying to find what’s missing. do I use pictures. Kind of questions do I asked that person To help them find their love one or a lost dog I spent a lot of time recently and consciousness meditating between our or two hours per day The incredible imagery I see is just amazing I can be on the other side the planet or I can be in multiple planets or multiple places at once what does it mean where does it come from I was working on energy for a while telekinesis but I’m so visual when I meditate probably because of the visual artist and when you’re an artist you are a sensitive person as well please contact me back my name is Dan I’m on a couple different other Facebook pages of meditation energy I have a woodworking page I’m easy-going guy well rounded I like to know more I’ll send you my email

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