Angel Cards

They offer healing and guidance and messages from your guardian angels, you will find many angel cards on the market are by Doreen Virtue. She has many different types of angel decks and all provide you with detailed meanings and messages from your angels. I would say that Angel Cards are very gentle messages and can provide a comforting feeling in a distressing situation. Angel readings are not intended to provide you with timings or specific details of people or places like Tarot cards do.

Oracle Cards

 There is a large variety of Oracle decks out there. Many are based around animals and can provide very accurate readings. Some are based around fairies and other subjects. These cards consist of a Yes and No card messages. Oracle Cards are great to use alongside tarot cards, so you can provide more detail and specific messages to your clients. The Love oracle deck and these are very good for any love/relationship specific readings. They follow well with a tarot card reading. The love oracle deck have a card for each specific love situation, whether that be new love, marriage, cheating, break ups and much more.

Tarot Cards

 A very popular way of providing a reading, Tarot Cards provide very in-depth detail to any situation. There are thousands of Tarot decks out there. You can either use a spread to provide a tarot deck or just shuffle and draw the cards. You can ask direct questions to your cards when reading them to get a direct answer back. With tarot cards you build up on the story and the situation with each card you draw. Using tarot cards is always a good starting point when providing a reading, once you have experience of the tarot, it will make it much easier for you, when you move onto using Angel Cards.

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