A Psychic Medium can actually help with almost every aspect of your life, so I will list a few of the most common. I think everyone’s first thought is the connection they make with our loved one’s on the other side, which is very true. The death of our loved one’s is the hardest of all situations to go through in this lifetime. The emotional trauma endured by the one’s left behind can bring you to your knee’s. This does not include all the other ‘earthly’ aspects that come right along with it such as having to plan an entire funeral when all you want to do is stay in bed and cry. When dealing in spirituality, we come across those who are having a tougher time than others when grieving. This is the very reason why Mediumship has a very, very important role. The healing and peace of mind one receives from connecting them to their loved one is something that no doctor in the world can fix or prescribe. The soul only responds to love.

           Some people have just come to a crossroad in their life and even though they have carefully weighed out all their options, they just need confirmation that the choice they are about to make is the best one. Spiritual guidance is pretty amazing as your Spirit Guide’s do all they can everyday to keep you on the particular Life Path that  you’ve picked out for yourself. Ever wonder why you feel frustrated and can’t seem to figure out for the life of you why you are feeling this way?  It’s simply because you are not on the path your soul knows it should be on.  So, being able to connect to your Guide’s and getting a little help from Heaven is always the best way.

                   We are all sensitive to energy, some more so than others. Many also contact a Psychic Medium because they are sensing something in their home. It’s my experience that most jump to the conclusion that if they can ‘feel it’ that it must be bad.  This is simply not always the case. Usually what you are sensing is just your Grandmother coming to say hello and watching over you. They do try to get your attention to let you know they’re there with you. So when a picture frame falls of the wall, most people get spooked. Well, how do you know for sure? Before you go packing your stuff and leaving, the best thing to do is to consult a Psychic Medium to determine if the energies are good or bad. In more serious cases, you and your family may be  experiencing unusual mood swings, fighting, arguing, lack of energy and even depression.  If you’re not properly protected you can bring home negative energies and not even realize it. A great example would be, some people like to go “Antiquing” to find old things at yard sales or flea markets. If you don’t spiritually cleanse your new found treasures before bringing them into your home, you can also be bringing whatever is already connected to it as all items hold energy. It’s the same concept as you holding onto your Grandma’s ring she wore her entire life and feeling her connection. If you do infact have anything negative the good news is that all of this can be cleared with the help of a highly skilled Psychic Medium and in almost all cases, this can be done remotely along with your physical help. Archangel’s are the biggest help in these particular cases. Calling upon them to assist in the cleansing of your home is such an amazing sight being able to see them at work.

                      There are also many people who go thru some of the unthinkable, such as Missing Person’s Cases and even Homicides. The best way is to immediately contact the proper authorities and work side by side with them and to continue to be pro-actively involved in your case. Missing Person’s have a certain window of opportunity which I believe is the first 48 hours. Any active case, even cold case for that matter should be treated with the utmost respect and sensitivity.  I would never step in the way of any authorities on an active case. However, I can assist you in your search from anywhere in the world as I do not need to be present at the scene for this. This is the one area of my Mediumship that I am the most proud of. I have lived thru a couple active homicide cases in my personal life and am aware of the devastating effects. As far as missing cases, the closest I have been to these is turning around not to see my child who has found it funny to hide in a clothes rack but the feeling that kicked me in the gut and just the image of not finding them has helped lead me into helping others.



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      I found this theme thru WP. It’s called Photo Perfect. I’ll see if I can email it to you!

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    1. Kimberly,
      Your questions require a Present & Future Reading. Your Guides & Guardians need to be consulted for the answers you are seeking. This can be handled with a 1/2 hour session, but if you are in need of more information, I suggest you schedule time for an hour. Once you’ve made your payment, please contact me to schedule you as soon as possible.
      Thank You,

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