Hello Love!  I’m Claire.  I am a mother to 3 beautiful children.  The unconditional love that I have for them has made me the person I am today.   They don’t even realize all of the beautiful life lessons I have learned simply from loving them.  They have taught me the true meaning of Strength, Faith and Courage.  My husband is pretty amazing too.  He encourages and supports every decision I make.  He can see the good in any situation or person for that matter.  I am truly blessed each and every day to have them in my life and I am a better person because of them. We are your typical everyday family, except for one little fact, that I can communicate with those who have crossed over

I am an Empath, a Psychic and a Medium.  I have always been able to see, hear and sense spirit. I can not remember a time when my gifts were not present.  When I was little, there were no books or tv shows about Psychics or Mediums.  It was still a period in time where these things were not discussed except by my maternal grandmother.  She could always see the Angels. The only thing I had to go by was the Freddy & Jason movies.  Needless to say, childhood was terrifying.  I slept with the lights on and even today my house is never dark. White Christmas lights hang year round. And yes, I have nightlights too.   My mother still swears that she spent more time in my bed than she did in her own.  So all of the sense’s that I have today, were born right along with me. 


Today I use my gifts to help people who have lost a loved one and are needing just one more connection with them to know that they are ok. I translate their messages from Heaven and deliver love, healing and hope to the one’s left here grieving.  Some just need guidance in their journey here on earth as they’ve come to a crossroad. Even after some careful consideration, just having confirmation from Heaven always makes them feel comfortable and confident in making really big life altering decisions. A little help from your Guides & Guardians really goes a long way. I also do Psychic Dream Interpretation for those who’ve had such a vivid dream that they just can’t shake it. They know that it really means something and just need the confirmation that goes a long with it. Next would be Hauntings. Most people are hearing noises, seeing flashes out of the corner of their eye and can just sense someone is there with them. These aren’t always bad so they don’t always need to have their home cleansed but we need to make sure first before getting rid of grandma that simply came for a visit.  All of these are the most common reasons people seek me out for help amongst many, other services. Then comes Missing Person’s and Homicide Cases. These are the most important for me. I work directly with local and state Law Enforcement Officers as well as Government Officials. My most recent case was helping the United States Coast Guard with the case of the missing boaters off the coast of Jekyll Island, GA, USA. By using the Navigational Charts emailed to me by the Commander, I was able to assist them in finding Ms Laura. This is the one area of my Mediumship I am most proud. In this life, my calling is to use my gifts to help families have closure and begin healing.  

Love & Blessings to you all!!!



***My Strength & Faith Can Not Be Shaken Because My Heart Is Filled With Love & Light***